The NBA has always been known for allowing its players to hold political opinions and to protest whenever they see injustice in the world. With President Donald Trump in office, those protests have seemingly increased up over the last two years with players skipping out on White House visits and becoming increasingly vocal on social media. Rarely do we see the league endorse Trump or really even associate themselves with him. Well, that all changed last night when two fans wore some pro-Trump jerseys to a Sacramento Kings game. According to Sports Illustrated, the jerseys were worn by Daniel Goldsmith and Pete Molinelli with one jersey saying "Build That Wall" and the other saying "Trump."

“I just do it to make my friends laugh, and it worked," Goldsmith explained to the Sacramento Bee. "Now I’m here. There’s really no other message behind it.”

Goldsmith, who posted the image of him and Molinelli to Instagram, explained that he doesn't "have enough knowlege about politics to have any sort of opinion."

Considering his lack of knowledge on the topic, it's interesting that he decided to go with such a divisive approach here. Regardless, Goldsmith is probably happy with his Kings who sport a 30-26 record and are eighth in the Western Conference.