ESPN's Royce Young recently caught up with one of the most electric players to ever play the game of basketball, Russell Westbrook, and he outlined 39 things you may not know about the Thunder's all-star point guard.

For instance, those bizarre clothes that Westbrook wears to every game? He only wears them once and then he gives them away. Assuming the people actually want it.

He's also a southpaw at heart. Sure, he shoots the rock righty but everything else including signing autographs, brushing his teeth and throwing a football is done with his left hand. 

He was ALMOST in the dunk contest during his rookie year but the final spot came down to a fan vote... which was won by Rudy Fernandez. TF were we thinking?

He's a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, his favorite player growing up was Magic Johnson, he calls his parents before every game and he absolutely adores his dog, a tiny Maltese named Brodie.

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