Oklahoma City Thunder fans were forced into a state of shock last weekend when it was revealed that Paul George had been traded to the Los Angeles Clippers so that he could play with Kawhi Leonard. Since then, the Thunder have been trying to figure out what do next and as of right now, it seems like trading Russell Westbrook is the only viable option. The team won't be able to go deep in the playoffs with Westbrook alone, so it makes sense for them to start the rebuilding process sooner than later. Earlier this week, it was reported that the Thunder are taking trade calls and as of right now, the Miami Heat are reportedly the frontrunner.

According to a new report from Tim Bontemps of ESPN, executives around the league are convinced that Russ is on his way to the Heat and that the trade will be completed in the not too distant future. "People around the league consider it an inevitability that he will wind up there at this point," Bontemps wrote.

If Westbrook goes to Miami, he will get to play with Jimmy Butler which will be an interesting match, to say the least. They are both ball-dominant players and have been known for being hard to play with. Perhaps their similar approaches to the game could lend to a better partnership than we think, although that remains to be seen.