Danny Brown is known for his gap-toothed smile, something he flashes in just about every photo. The story of how he lost his two front teeth is one he has shared with fans, it all happened many years ago when he was hit by a car in the parking lot of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

(False) rumors are circulating today that Danny fixed his toothless grin, and that it was none other than KFC that covered the costs. The story seems to have been started on this  Pitchfork's Tumblr-- which, it should be noted, is neither official nor actually affiliated with the real Pitchfork.

The rumor stated that Danny celebrated the release of his new album Old by fixing his infamous two front teeth. Danny has gone on Twitter to confirm that the rumors are false, and re-assures fans his teeth are not fixed. It's still the same old toothless Danny we know and love.

See the image of Danny with his "fixed teeth" that's been circulating in the gallery above.