Gucci Mane infamously had a meltdown which he broadcast on Twitter recently.  Calling out seemingly everyone in the rap game, including his known associates and friends.  This went on for several days, during which, Rocko - who had been called out by Gucci - tweeted that he was at his house to confront him about the tweets. 

Calling into Atlanta's 94.5, Rocko confirms that he did indeed visit Gucc when the tweets were being sent, and he spoke to him man-to-man.  Oveall, he shows sympathy for the Brick Squad rapper, and wants people to send well-wishes to him, "At the end of the day, just pray for homie,man.  I pulled up, that's what real men do.  Real men address they issues...ain't no situation where I'm gonna run from that." 

Rocko had to talk to Gucci to figure out what was going on because up until that point the two were tight, and ultimately he feels it wasn't Mane's true feelings, but the drugs talking with the slanderous tweets,"I felt like me and homie, that was my ace.  When it all that went down, I was in awe...that ain't my homie...but homie going through some things, so pray for homie." 

After Gucci gets out of jail and rehab, Rocko plans to move forward positively, "I ain't gonna hold no grudge."