The violent narrative of the XXXTENTACION / Rob $tone beef has either captivated the hell out of you, or left you shaking your head in apathetic disapproval. Either way, it's impossible to deny that the video in which X gets knocked out, prompting chants of "FUCK ROB $TONE" to break out in Stone's own hometown have pretty much gone viral. While X has spoken out about the incident with a series of trademark Snaps, Rob $tone took a break from making diss tracks to address the attack in an interview with Real 92.3 LA. 

Rob breaks down his perspective of the entire beef, starting with the initial feud that popped off on Desiigner's Outlet Tour. "I feel like he was hatin' on me, honestly," says $tone, claiming that before the drama popped off, he and Ski Mask used to be "Henny bros."  For those who have been following the beef, it's enlightening to see $tone's perspective, as it seems like he had been actively trying to squash it. Eventually, he speaks on the knockout, noting that his social media basically blew up the second knuckles connected with face. 

"People were coming up to me before, like you know [x] can't perform here. It was a San Diego thing. It got bigger than Rob $tone," says $tone. He also denies knowing the victim of the stabbing, but says he had an inkling something would go down. And while chants of "Fuck Rob $tone" broke out immediately after, $tone is unfazed. 

"The kids in San Diego that was doin' that, they're not real San Diego, I'll say that," says $tone. Check out the full interview below.