Rico Richie is a new name to rap, but it's one that's becoming more and more recognizable as his catchy single "Poppin" begins to take off. It's already received co-signs/a remix from Meek Mill, Chris Brown and French Montana, signifying the strength of it.

Although a relatively new artist with a hot record on his hands, he's already encountering his first setback: an arrest. The rapper was arrested for selling weed and being in possession of firearms. The arrest went down at a studio in Atlanta, the same studio in which Young Thug shot "Halftime"-- the cops were there investigating the indictment against Jimmy Winfrey, the suspect behind the Lil Wayne bus shooting. While the police were there, they ran into Richie with weed and two guns. 

Richie claims the stuff wasn't his, but took responsibility so as not to be a snitch.