Rick Ross has accomplished many things over the course of his career, involving himself with hit records that make up both his soloi discography and his history of being a standout featured artist who is highly sought after by many an emcee. However, one thing he hadn't done until yesterday was try to squeeze himself through the open window of a race car, like you see done with professional NASCAR drivers. Even with the recent weight loss he's enjoyed throughout most of this year, Ross is still a huskier human than most, which makes a big man trying to get into a small opening on the side of a motor vehicle a scenario that is brimming with comedic opportunity and, well, it didn't disappoint.


Ross sarcastically said that the stunt was concocted by a third party to "embarrass and humiliate fat boys," but he was steadfast in his willingness to do it. In his mind, he was doing this for "fat boys all around the world," proving once and for all that it is Rozay who is the biggest (no pun intended) inspiration figure in hip-hop today. Just look at him persevere and get the job done - who says there isn't anyone with the capacity to Make America Great Again? I'd argue that the Florida emcee is doing just fine in that department.

Twitter users reacted strongly to the Snapchat video as well, with tears of laughter flowing freely from several corners of the Internet. It's definitely an image that most wouldn't have thought they'd see as they scroll through their feed on the app, but here we are, with what is sure to be one of the funniest and longest-lasting memes to come out of 2017. Bless you, Rick Ross.


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