Since bodyslamming his way into the game with Port Of Miami in 2006, Rick Ross quietly bossed his way into a well-tenured position in the game. With ten studio albums under his belt, the man known as Yung Renzel has become an OG of sorts, delivering gems for anyone eager to listen. Not long ago, Ross linked up with an interviewer by the name of Brian J. Roberts for an engaging conversation. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images 

With entrepreneurship being the main topic, Ross explains that he always felt compelled to follow his own vision -- even amidst the temptations of the Miami lifestyle. "I was the laid back fat kid with the scuffy shoes on thinking about getting the million," explains Ross. "Of course I loved the party, but I got something else on my mind. Yeah, the chicks shaking the ass, the water splashin off, don't get me wrong. I am entertained. But very quickly my mind drift to something else. I look. Okay damn, she's talented. But I go to something else. That's how my music has been. It had to be about Miami where I was from, but I wanted to paint another picture." 

When asked whether it's easier to make it in the game today, Rick Ross reflects. "If I said that, I wouldn't be honest with myself," admits Ross. "You never know. It could be even more difficult now just because of the platform. So many more people have an opportunity and a voice. You never know...[Today] it's a lot more visual. That's something I love." For more from The Boss, in a notably playful mood at that, check out the full interview below.