The Drink Company is at it again. According to the Washingtonianthe company behind several themed pop-up bars (such as the Game Of Thrones-themed bar) has created another amazing project. Residents in Washington D.C. will be treated to a Rick and Morty pop up bar that will run from August 9 through October 6. The pop-up bar will feature three rooms that are fully decked out Rick and Morty style. 

Each room has been completely decorated to fit a location from the hit Adult Swim television series. For example, one room is fitted with a giant animatronic Cromulon that offers famous phrases like “show me what you got,” “disqualified,” and “not cool.” Seven-foot-tall Mr. Meeseeks will stand behind the bar awaiting your requests, and anyone dressed up as Rick will get to enter a VIP line (Drink Company events usually have long lines, so take the VIP route if you can). Special drinks have been crafted for the event as well, such as a Morty’s Mind Blower cocktail and a Mr. Meeseeks-themed cocktail called Existence is Pain.“I feel like every generation has their adult animated show,” Drink Company CEO Angie Fetherston told the Washingtonian. “There are The Simpsons people, the South Park people, the Family Guy people. This is ours.”