Rick And Morty is the most popular adult cartoon in the nation right now. Fandom for Adult Swim's intelligent yet crude cartoon series has reached feverish heights over the past two years. The series follows Rick, and alcoholic scientist who brings his grandson Morty on adventures that span different universes and alternate dimensions. To be honest, Rick And Morty may be the most intelligent show on television right now. The harsh humor sometimes masks just how deep writers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland get with their messages. 

One fan of the series took his love for Rick And Morty to the next level by getting a tattoo of the pair. The tattoo, which has since gone viral, features Rick and Morty looking a giant green glob, with the words, "It's called a green screen Morty," etched underneath them. The green screen can be edited on a computer, or using a phone app, to be filled with whatever image the avid fan wants. The artist behind the tattoo, Roy Rowlett, spoke with Buzzfeed about the futuristic piece of art. "I sat down with a friend, Brian Lejman, and we went over cool ideas that would be practical with the green screen effect," he stated. "Rick and Morty just made sense. I plan on doing more of these in the future."