Rich The Kid Flexes On Us For 4/20

HNHH Staff
April 20, 2016 15:12

Rich The Kid. Flex.

When Rich The Kid was at our office the other day, he not only showed us how he rolls up a Backwoods (his blunt of choice), he also listed his favorite weed strains. Well, at least, that was our intention. Maybe the blunt went to his head or maybe he was already blunted before arriving (probably a combination of the two), but what he ended up doing was shouting out weed strains in between shouting out his apparel (Goyard)-- oh and the Kardashians got a shout out too. The result was too hilarious not to share. While you do get to hear some of RTK's preferred weed strains-- Blue Cookie and Moon Rock among them, you also get to see just how much of a character Rich is. If this doesn't make you want to go download Trap Talk, we're not sure what will.

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HNHH TV Rich The Kid Flexes On Us For 4/20