The NBA Draft is just three days away and the trade rumors are starting to pick up. 

After the Boston Celtics agreed to swap the #1 overall pick to the Sixers in exchange for Philly's #3 overall pick [as well as future first rounders], the C's are now reportedly look to trade their newly acquired asset in favor of a proven vet. Specifically, Chicago's Jimmy Butler.

On today's taping of First Take, Stephen A. Smith spoke about the Celtics mindset and how they are planning on trading for Butler by way of the #3 pick.

“The Boston Celtics are planning on acquiring Jimmy Butler. They don’t know if they will be able to. But their hope is to use the No. 3 pick [to] get themselves Jimmy Butler.” 

“The worst case scenario is they find themselves in a position to draft somebody like a Josh Jackson out of Kansas.”

Check out the clip from First Take below, the Celtics x Butler trade talks start around the 1:30 mark.