Washington Redskins' corner back Josh Norman was fuming after his team tied the Cincinnati Bengals in London on Sunday morning, and he made a point to call out the referee who, in his opinion, flat out sucked. 

While speaking with reporters following the 27-27 tie across the pond, Norman said of third-year NFL ref Brad Freeman:

"Who’s No. 88?" "He sucked. I’ll be honest with you, he was terrible. I feel some of the plays going on out there, I mean, it was terrible. It’s just how I’m feeling and how the team feels right now. It needs to be watched and reprimanded. They reprimand us, so what’s the reprimand for them?"

"Third year in the league and he comes over and how many calls did he have? Anyone know?" Norman asked. "I’m pretty sure he had the majority of them. It doesn’t make any sense…I’m baffled by it. They need to sit down and look at it. Every time Andy Dalton threw the ball, I felt it would be a flag."

As a team, the Redskins were flagged 15 times, four of which were "illegal hands to the face" penalties again Norman. Additionally, he was flagged for pass interference though that penalty was declined by the Bengals. 

Of course, Norman will be hearing from the league about his comments and can expect a stiff fine for bashing the Freeman after the game.

Check out the video of his post game press conference below.