Raven Sorvino Details The Time She Was A Pimp

HNHH Staff
July 09, 2014 11:44

Last week Raven Sorvino popped up in our Quick5 interview series, on the same day we premiered a new banger from the lady rapper called "Ice Cream." If that wasn't enough to peak your interest in the rising rapper, we're back this week with an interesting real life story from Raven.
While she was chilling at our offices, she happened to relay the story of the one time she worked as a pimp, basically. When she was on her grind out in L.A., she came in contact with an escort service which she started working for simply because of the $$$$. She eventually went into business with the girl who introduced her to the service.
"So we started a business together, we got an apartment first and used that as the office. We got the girls, took his girls, got a couple new ones. I got a couple of drivers, and we had the girls go out on escort service. We took their money and we paid 'em a fee. The driver would take 'em to the door, make sure everything was okay with the dude, he would collect the money first, then the girl would go in. The girl would never touch the money, he would bring it straight back to us and we pay her."
The situation got "kinda sticky" though, and Raven eventually pulled out.

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