Ramriddlz Grabs The Day By The Balls In "Woke Up"

Devin Ch
March 18, 2018 14:21

Ramriddlz take us through his daily routine in "Woke Up."

One thing's for certain. Ramriddlz is always good for a laugh. If you haven't kept up with him since "Sweeterman," this is a good place to start.

"Woke Up" really invigorates the senses, much in the same way a splash of cold water gets the day started. The concept for the video is straightforward. Ramriddlz wakes up with his shorty by his side, gets up, has a coed schmooze in the shower, takes off jogging by the Don Valley Parkway, at which point he's already in vigorous pursuit of the day. 

Unlike other rappers who'd start the day off by checking their beeper, Ramriddlz seems more intent on celebrating his health and vitality, and dare I say his morning sex drive. The video closes on the Toronto Skyline, the portion of it that isn't covered by high-rise apartments.

If you need a good pick me up, give this one a shot. 

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