Raekwon Reacts To "Divorce Court" Wu-Tang Allegations

  April 26, 2015 18:09
Raekwon reacts to "Divorce Court" allegations that a woman slept with the Wu-Tang Clan.

During an interview with MTV News' Rob Markman, Raekwon responded to a recent episode of "Divorce Court" in which the plaintiff accused his girlfriend of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.

When asked if he recognized her, Raekwon jokingly responded, "You know that was the first thing, I was like, 'do I know that mouth or something?'"

The verdict? "Nah, I don't remember her."

"One thing about Wu-Tang is, it's nine of us but it's 9,000 of us too," The Chef continued. "Everybody that we know, they take on this name of Wu-Tang, and maybe she met another division and they had fun that night, but I don't remember her... it wasn't me. I didn't hit your girl homie, so just chill, B."

He seems to be telling the truth here, and what reason would he have to deny meeting the woman in question? The woman, on the other hand, is almost certainly a blatant liar. But watch the "Divorce Court" clip below yourself. You be the judge. Guilty or nah?

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Raekwon Reacts To "Divorce Court" Wu-Tang Allegations