Recently G.O.O.D. Music's OG Q-Tip, has been hinting at, and later confirming, a Cruel Winter album, as a follow-up to Cruel Summer, on which he did not appear.

However, it seems at least one G.O.O.D. Music member isn't kept in the loop about such projects, as Pusha T reveals, that may be a "Q-Tip, Kanye thing."

While talking to Semtex TV about the potential LP, Pusha says, "Cruel Winter man, like, I dunno. I know there are other records. I don't know personally about Cruel Winter, like that's a Q-Tip, Kanye thing. Like Q-Tip and Kanye they have conversations and I'm not privy to those conversation. I come in and rap and do my verses and be out. They have the collective sit-down, war of the minds thoughts and shit." 

Although apparently Yeezy asked Pusha to talk on the album, the 1/2 of Clipse wasn't able to say much on it, as he just doesn't know about it, "He asked me to talk on it..I'm not sure, I don't know. If Ye decides to do something like that then I'm sure he has material, and if he needs more, I'm sure he knows one phone he can call and we gon do that. But I'm not sure."

Watch the full interview below.