M.I.A. kicked off the promotion for her upcoming album, Matahdatah, with the record "Borders," which poked fun at all our first world problems, before touching on some more serious issues in other parts of the world, all with a dose of cynicism. She followed it up with a music video, which was another socially and politically-aware statement, as refugees attempted to climb up a massive fence in hoards. 

The outspoken artist has taken to twitter this morning to reveal that Paris Saint-Germain, the Football Club based in Paris, have taken issue with her visuals. PSG sent M.I.A. a letter, asking that she remove "Borders" from the internet. Specifically, PSG is upset that their sponsor's logo, 'Fly Emirates,' has been flipped to 'Fly Pirates' on a t-shirt M.I.A. wears during the music video. They are (unpleasantly) surprised to find themselves associated with M.I.A.'s response to the refugee crisis (she has been outspoken against Europe's treatment of refugees), and they go on to say their Foundation donated a million euros to the cause.

M.I.A. not only shared PSG's full letter on her twitter, she's responded with a few tweets and retweeted many of her supportive fans.

"When I make videos I end up on hit lists not end of year lists whyyyyyyy? MIAvsPSG BORDERSvideo," she writes (P.S. her music video was featured on our year-end list, so points to us).

She also referenced her 2012 Super Bowl incident rather hilariously, tweeting, "Don't they know about me and NFL? #PSGvsMIA #BORDERSvideo."

Take a look at the full letter from PSG in the gallery above.