King Holiday

Real Name
Felepe Holiday
Alias Name
King Holiday, Pearl, Flip
Date of Birth
Jan. 1, 1970 - Age 54
Rembert, South Carolina

Artist Bio

King Holiday, a South Carolina native only began writing raps following the murder of his younger brother, Black Boi, who had his own aspirations of music stardom. Following a stint in Los Angeles, King Holiday migrated to Atlanta's Old 4th Ward where he would began his musical endeavors. After forging a partnership with musical producer Kato (On The Track) of Funk Volume/SMKA, King Holiday fine tuned his sound and currently prepares for the release of his debut project. The lyricist exudes a confidence a la Cassius Clay, delivering effortless word play, unpredictable punchlines, and head bobbing hooks. The self-titled EP, scheduled for a March 2014 release, is a desperately needed breath of fresh air to revive a suffocating genre.