Cookie Kawaii

Real Name
Vanice Palmer
Date of Birth
Aug. 5, 1993 - Age 30
Newark, New Jersey

Artist Bio

Cookie Kawaii knows her audience. This is why she has #jerseyclubmusic plastered across every social platform you can think of. The 27-year-old singer from New Jersey reps her hometown in everything she does, constantly asking fans, “Where my Jersey girls at?!” Jersey club music originated in the early 2000s and is a kind of hybrid of house, electronic, and hip hop. Cookie Kawaii blends these genres flawlessly, combining her dreamy, feminine vocals with bass-heavy, electric beats. Her stage name comes from a combination of her favorite snack and the Japanese word for cute, which makes sense as she’s an anime fanatic. 

Fame came out of nowhere for Cookie Kawaii. Her song “Vibe (If I Back It Up)” blew up on video-sharing app Tik Tok in early 2020, with more than 1.6 million videos being made with the sound. The song gained millions of streams across multiple music platforms following its viral success, prompting a follow-up remix of the song that featured Tyga. She certainly took advantage of her big moment, constantly commenting her name and the name of her producer on every video using her song that she could find. Her newest project, Club Soda Vol. 2, was released in August 2020 in an effort to capitalize even more on her internet fame. Cookie Kawaii is already slated to become the “next big thing”, with a co-sign from major media outlets like Vogue. Her style is instantly addictive, and it’s likely that you’ll start to hear her catchy tracks more and more at clubs and parties.