Pras of Fugees fame is taking director Marshall Tyler to court, apparently because Tyler has failed to produce footage he shot for Pras.

Pras was allegedly held hostage in 2009 by Somali Pirates and enlisted a film director, Marshall Tyler, to help document the near-death experience for a film called "Paper Dreams." 

A lawsuit Pras filed on Monday claims that he invested $70 000 his own money to cover filming and travel expenses, but Tyler won't hand over the footage. Pras says he never heard back when he asked for the material. He's suing to get either the footage back, or recover his investment plus damages. 

Multiple reports say that Pras and his film crew were merely witnesses to the capture of the Maersk Alabama off the East-African Coast. A rep for Marshall says, "Pras is trying to assert ownership on material that Marshall owns the copyright to."

A judge has yet to rule.

[Via HHDX]