Pharrell recently spoke to MissInfo in an interview for Qream, Pharrell's alcoholic beverage, about his inspiration or lack-there-of in the music industry. Pharrell wasn't a fan of what he was hearing on radio stations and stayed out of the music industry for awhile, but recently he's been back at it, working with a number of artists.

"Things just click and you just know what you’re supposed to do. And for me, I was honestly bored by music," he said. "If you turn on the pop station and everything, it was like one long ass dance song. And when you turned to the urban stations, everything felt like one long ass emo Hip Hop, quasi R&B record. It just kind of felt that way. I wasn’t mad at it, but there were also incredible things like Little Dragon and Yuna and ASAP," Pharrell continued, "And then you had people like the Jays of the world going "nah, I wanna do something different," or Usher, "I really wanna do something different.""

"I’m not knocking the music of the last four or five years," Pharrell explained, "I’m just saying things needed to progress a little bit before I felt like I missed myself. There was a time where I was like, OK, can’t get away. But I’m very thankful that music is where it is right now, because it’s inspiring. There is a battery."

Watch the video below