The Indiana Pacers picked up a pivotal win against the Sixers last night but you wouldn't know it by Paul George's post-game comments in which he certainly earned himself a fine from the league.

After Indiana's 120-111 victory, George criticized the "shitty officiating" in last night's game and called out the refs for allowing Gerald Henderson to play dirty throughout the game.

Per the Indy Star,

“You’ll know how I feel about the officials and tonight I really have no faith in them.”

“I’ve been warning them all night what he’s going to do, stuff he’s doing and they allow the shit to go on. He was throwing jabs and punches at my stomach all night and I didn’t retaliate until late in the game when they weren’t doing shit about it.”

“So he pulled me down, I get double technical for doing nothing and then he throws an elbow at my neck and I get another tech for nothing?”

“I really don’t have no respect and nothing is there for the officiating. Shitty officiating job. I don’t care about him. It’s the fact that they let him do that. That’s the problem I have.”

Both players were ejected in the final minutes last night following two separate instances in which technical fouls were handed out. George added this about Henderson's dirty play, per the Indy Star

“For whatever reason, he doesn’t like getting scored on by me,” George said. “I get this every time he’s at home. I guess that’s where he feels confident. He’s sweet on the road, but at home is when he gets some nuts.”

Paul George plans to contact the player's association and appeal the technical fouls he received last night due to the "terrible officiating job."

Check out the two technical fouls PG and Gerald Henderson received last night.