Today, August 3, marks the 41st birthday of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. As such, the team went above and beyond with the celebrations at training camp today, including an enormous #12 birthday cake that measures 12' x 12'. 

According to the Boston Globe, Tom Brady’s cake, consisting of vanilla icing and red velvet cake, was made by six bakers at Montilio’s Baking Company in Brockton, Massachusetts over the course of three days. The cake, paid for by the Patriots organization, can serve as many as 8,000 people, Montilio tells the Boston Globe

In order to finish the 90 sheet cakes that went into the number 12 dessert, they used the following ingredients: 300 pounds of buttercream, 250 pounds of sugar, 200 pounds of flour, 150 pounds of unsalted butter, 150 pounds of shortening, 100 pounds of milk, and five pounds of baking powder.

Of course, there were also other celebratory measures taken by the Pats, including a giant Tom Brady made out of ballons and a large cutout of a goat. Check out photos of the outrageous cake in the posts embedded below.