Patrick Beverley has consistently been one of the most talked-about defenders in the NBA over the last couple of years. He is a constant thorn in the side of opposing players and while he does have some off nights, he remains a key piece of the Los Angeles Clippers puzzle. With this in mind, it shouldn't be surprising that Beverley has a bit of reputation when it comes to his playing style. Beverley has been very open about the way he plays and doesn't seem to think twice about speaking his mind.

In a recent report from Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN, Beverley spoke about why he plays the way he does and what he would be doing if it weren't for basketball. At one point, Beverley even joked that he would probably be an elite drug dealer.

Patrick Beverley

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

“Mouths need to be fed, you know?” Beverley said. “Coming from where I come from, I didn’t have the luxury of having a trust fund. Or money from generations. Or the luxury of hoppin’ into the family business, you know? It’s either hoop or you sell dope. I probably would’ve been the best drug dealer in the world.”

Luckily for Beverley, things never got to that point and now, he's thriving in the NBA. In fact, Beverley and the Clippers are frontrunners for the NBA title. A championship win would certainly make Beverley's grind all that more worth it.