It's no secret that NBA YoungBoy enraptures many who cross his path. Women have tattooed his face onto their skin, flocked him with impure intentions, tattooed his face onto their skin, professed undying love for him, tattooed his face onto their skin, the list goes on. The spell he casts upon his admirers can turn a fan to a Stan in an almost supernatural fashion. Today, another dazzling display of YoungBoy worship has come to fruition, in the form of the world's first "NBA YoungBoy-" themed birthday party.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Footage of the three-year old's bash reveals some of the YoungBoy-themed decor, which includes YoungBoy cardboard cut-outs, YoungBoy goodie bags, and a lavish YoungBoy altar used to house the presents, which are presumably YoungBoy albums. There's no telling whether this party was held for a YoungBoy or a YoungGirl, but the parents certainly went the extra mile to commit to the theme. 

Have you found yourself enraptured by YouTube's biggest artist? Rest assured that you are not alone. There are several who would proudly sport his visage upon their arm. Judge not, for who knows? Perhaps you shall one day join their ever-growing ranks.