For a brief moment, NBA almost stood for "nearly buck-ass." With his A1 YoungBoy album steady gaining traction, Youngboy Never Broke Again recently had a close call with a lustful mob. Footage has surfaced of the Baton Rouge up-and-comer performing at a recent concert, where he made the bold decision to wade into a sea of adoring ladies. The rapper is immediately groped and fondled by a legion of adoring she-Stans, who presumably enjoy wiping sweat off a man's forehead. 

Things really escalate once YoungBoy leaves the concert, and it's honestly like something straight out of a cartoon. As he exits, the adoring mob swarms him a la Wu Tang killer bees, screaming and clawing all the while. YoungBoy does what any sane man might do - flee by any means necessary. He manages to make it halfway up a fence, but not before some shrieking ladies forcibly remove his pants. Luckily for YoungBoy, he managed to reach the other side with his dignity in tact.

On one hand, dude must be happy to have reached a level of fame where such fandom is possible. On the other, having to run outside lest you be forcibly stripped by a pack of thirsty ladies does seem a little inconvenient.