Outlawz's member Napoleon recently appeared on The Art Of Dialogue where he explained the tension surrounding Big's return to the West and why that was a costly mistake on the Brooklyn rapper's part.


“I think that was a very miscalculated step on his part, you know what I mean?” Napoleon said. “I think he underestimated the people’s love for ‘Pac. And I think it was a little arrogant, to be honest. Of course, we don’t wish death on nobody and I’m not saying that this is what he gets. These not the words I’m saying but, I heard the radio!”

Napoleon explained that Biggie wasn't moving carefully enough in California. On top of that, he shrugged off 'Pac's passing which Napoleon thinks was a disrespectful move that may have played a role in his own murder.

"I think they asked him, ‘How you feel about Pac?’ and it was almost from an arrogant standpoint of view where he was like, ‘You know I got my own problems, I’m not worried abut dude’ or something like that, and the people took it as a form of disrespect," Napoleon added. "So I think for him, it was a little arrogant and it was disrespectful. No doubt it was disrespectful."

In that sense, Napoleon said that Biggie may have been safer if he had come to California and showed respect. Peep the full clip below.