Real life best friends Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have teamed up for a tell-all video series on dating, loving and sex. The series is called The Oprah Gayle Chronicles and it sees the duo answering personal questions from fans as well as giving their best advice. "We cannot promise any miracles. There are none. But we can promise some opinions," Oprah said in the clip, as seen below.

The first story by Oprah revolved around "spicing things ups" in a long term relationship, where she detailed one time she tried to do so herself with her partner, Stedman Graham. "One time I tried this, and this was so many years ago, I got this whole negligee thing and I'm standing at the stairs when he comes in, and he literally comes in -- Stedman -- walks right past me and says, 'What are you doing?'" she said.

As for Gayle, she told her own story from when she was married. She explained how she once wrapped herself in saran wrap and a trench coat and when her partner came home, he simply asked: "What is that?" 

The friends even gave some honest advice to someone who's dating a man who is lying about having a job. Watch the video below for their honest answer.