No Malice "So Woke" Video

Aron A.
August 14, 2017 14:52

No Malice depicts America's social issues in the brutally honest video for "So Woke."

It was only a few years a go where the hip hop community dealt with the harsh reality that the Clipse wouldn't be making another album together. While Pusha-T's solo career led him to universal critical acclaim and a position as G.O.O.D Music's new president, No Malice went another route. Vouching to stray from talking about drug dealing and the topics that were based on him and his brother's past, No Malice decided to be on a much more conscious path especially after being making the decision to be a born-again Christian. While he doesn't do the same type of music that Clipse fans grew up loving, the new path of music he's following shows another side of the coin.

Back in June, he released the song "So Woke" and now he delivers the chilling visuals to the song. The song discusses many social issues and ties it together with religion, society, government and more. He still delivers in the same confidence as he did when he was in the Clipse but you could tell that No Malice is reaching past making good hip hop music to really using it as a platform to deliver a message. 

The video finds No Malice rapping in front of different scenarios. The opening shot is him rapping in front of the scene of a taped off crime. While the police investigate and people standing by are watching, he raps "25 to life for a mere quarter ki/ Thanks to Tamir, I know what you pigs think of me/ Silly me, for believing my life mattered/ Not guilty and that's after we got it on camera."

The defining shot and likely the most controversial is when No Malice is seen rapping around lynched bodies singing "I'm so woke, I'm so woke." While it's clear that No Malice is no longer looking to be the most popular artist in the rap industry, "So Woke" is an example of the artist really using his platform to enlighten his listeners and fans.

No Malice's long awaited Let The Dead Bury The Dead album is finally dropping on August 18th.

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