It appears popular Twitch streamer & Fortnite player, Ninja, is getting his own line of toys. On Monday, Wicked Cool Toys announced that they were teaming up with Ninja to launch his own line of toys. “Wicked Cool Toys is super excited to announce their partnership with Ninja- the #1 gaming influencer in the world!,” they tweeted out.

Wicked Cool Toys created nearly a dozen different types of play toys and collectibles featuring a cartoonish persona of Ninja, embracing his goofy, energetic personality. Items include bobble figures, pocked-sized plush, fun blur hair, 12-inch fabric doll, stickers, and more.

"You've got millions and tens of millions of subscribers who will immediately be engaged with the experience before the product is even on the shelf," Co-president of Wicked Cool Toys said. "We weren't taking a human being and creating an action figure. We were taking a brand with tremendous breadth and making it a line.”

The toy line is scheduled to arrive in stores this fall. Check out a few pictures of the toys (below) courtesy of Cool Wicked Toys.