Nike has officially unveiled all 30 NBA "City Edition" uniforms to be worn in select games this season, including Brooklyn's Biggie-inspired "Spread Love" jerseys and Minnesota's "Purple Rain" unis as a tribute to Prince. 

Nike introduced the idea of "City Edition" uniforms when they first took over as the official uniform manufacturer of the NBA and the concept has produced some of the most unique uniforms that are deeply rooted in each city's community. For instance, this year the Memphis Grizzlies' "Main Event" uniforms pay tribute to the city's storied pro wrestling history, and the Oklahoma City Thunder’s City Edition uniform honors the American Indian Nations in Oklahoma.

According to Nike:

"The approach was straight-forward: take features of a team’s city and incorporate them into the uniform’s design. But the inspirations were far from simple. Architecture, landmarks, famous figures and mottos became creative backdrops for the jerseys, creating a piece of fan culture that’s wholly loyal to communities across the League."

"This year, City Edition uniforms are back, and each jersey offers more details that provide a deeper look at a team’s relationship with its city. Some elements are familiar. Others are new. One point that hasn’t changed: City Edition uniforms come straight from the source — the fans who form the cultures of their zip codes."

As noted, a few of the uniforms - like those of the Utah Jazz - are similar to previous City Edition uniforms while most others are completely brand new and fresh. You can check out the inspiration for some of the uniforms right here.

All of the jerseys and apparel are available now via links provided in the tweet embedded below.