After Suge Knight revealed from prison that Nick Cannon would be penning a book on his life back in October, many have been eager to figure out when and how the publication would ultimately come to fruition. Now, it's looking like Nick is taking a short break from his beef with Eminem to give more details on the project, and he's even comparing to the autobiography of an iconic civil rights leader.

Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Ironically sharing the news during Black History Month, Cannon spoke on his Suge book during a recent interview with VLAD TV where he compared his work with Knight to what Alex Haley, the legendary journalist who penned Roots, was able to accomplish with The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Haley's book was published using in-depth interviews he conducted with Malcolm X (seen above) between 1963 up until his assassination in February 1965. Cannon explained his wild comparison of Suge and Malcolm X by stating, "There's no bigger villain in our culture, specifically in hip-hop, than Suge Knight. I'm gonna use this as an assignment to go in and tell the real story and allow him to tell his story." Nick further explained that he wasn't coming in "as a reporter" but more in the fashion of how Haley was influential in bringing The Autobiography Of Malcolm X to life. "I'm doing the same thing with Suge," he concluded, to which Vlad was a bit confused like the rest of us. Cannon then cleared up his statement by adding, "If we met Malcolm X in his earlier years, or if you stopped that book at page 200something — Malcolm X was a cold motherfucker!"

Watch the full interview below, and let us know if you agree with Nick Cannon's comparison of Suge Knight to Malcolm X: