Former NFL offensive lineman Branden Albert was reportedly arrested for assault in Atlanta on Wednesday night after an altercation at a jewelry store, according to TMZ Sports. Additionally, Albert is facing a felony charge of willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence and second degree criminal damage to property.

As the story goes, Albert and some friends visited Icebox Jewelry around 4:15 PM on Wednesday but chaos erupted when the 33-year old NFL vet kept trying to access a part of the shop where customers are not allowed. 

Per TMZ Sports,

"The security guard -- an off-duty Atlanta Police Dept. officer -- says the store owner confronted Albert and told him to leave the area but the NFL star flipped out and "punched a jewelry cabinet which left a very large hole.""

"The officer approached Albert -- but the 6'4", 315 pounder went nuclear ... cussing and saying he would "kill" the owner."

Albert allegedly tackled the police officer after he had already been tased and pulled the prongs out of his body, according to TMZ Sports. He eventually gave himself up and congratulated the cop on "a good tussle." 

The two-time pro bowler, who was selected 15th overall pick by the Chiefs in the 2008 draft, walked away from football last year rather than play for the Jacksonville Jaguars.