Houston Texans wide receiver, and Adidas brand athlete, DeAndre Hopkins became the first player to catch a touchdown pass in Yeezy 350 cleats last weekend. He is also the first person to be fined for wearing Kanye West's cleats. 

The NFL has announced that the "Turtle Dove" Adidas Yeezy 350 cleats that Hopkins laced up for the Texans' season opener violated the league's uniform policy. According to league rule, players are only allowed to wear cleats with a solid base color unless pre-approved.

According to ESPN, the fine will only cost him $6,000 but he says he won't be wearing the Yeezy cleats again this season unless, "Kanye wants to pay the fine."

Hopkins wasn't the only player fined for violating the NFL's uniform policy- Steelers wide out Antonio Brown was also hit with a fine for wearing baby blue cleats... and for twerking in the endzone.