Spotify is currently working on a new feature which would allow multiple users to control the playlist at the same time. This could mean something huge if you find yourself ever debating between who should be in control of the AUX cord. The app's feature is called "Social Listening" and would allow friends to control music together. In a way, it would be similar to a collaborative playlist though there would be no time-restrictive component. Hence, you may go on and on with your song selections. The idea stemmed from the assumption that the collaborators listen to the same kind of music, thus the feature would make the task easier. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

Additionally, users can cater to the playlist regardless of whether or not they are physically together. A software engineer by the name of Jane Manchun Wong, who is known for getting access to unreleased app features through intense coding, came across the feature and announced it on Twitter. The feature was found amidst Spotify's Android app codes and in coming through, she was able to get these clues on what the company was currently working on. Surely, no one else can access the app as of now, but it remains something to look forward to.