Black Mirror has become well known as a show that unearths or makes obvious the more sinister aspects of technology that are becoming more and more out of our control. It is especially adept at extrapolating from a current technology to a futuristic, near apocalyptic iteration of it. However, they're now taking it to a new level. Instead of predicting the future, they're making it happen in peoples' living rooms, around their coffee tables. 

The new Black Mirror board game is called "Nosedive" and is based on the episode of the same name. The original TV episode exaggerated our current system of "liking" and "reacting" to things on social media and replaced it with an all-pervasive ratings system that was unavoidable and mandatory for all people. It's not far off from the ability to rate an Uber trip. The ratings in the episode stand in for the point at which class and social clout meet and illustrate how class fortifies and enforces itself. 

This ratings system is transplanted to the game, where you rate your friends in person. The game comes with cards, a small board and some Sorry-like pieces and is also accompanied by an app. Apparently, it will consist of “light social and strategic gameplay that is engaging, interactive and accessible for new players.” Good luck keeping your friends.