In the wake of being named the number one choice for TV viewing, Netflix has been testing out a new payment option. The new plan, called "Ultra," has begun showing up on the European Netflix. The new option is not to be confused with Netflix's "Premium" plan which already exists for all users and offers "ultra HD" and the ability to stream on four devices at once. If Netflix decides to go forward with the new Ultra plan, then the existing Premium will drop from four concurrent streams to just two. The main difference between Premium and Ultra, according to Variety, is the availability of HDR, also known as high dynamic range, which "provides more vibrant color reproduction and higher contrast."

As of now Ultra is only being tested. The company said that they are “testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix” and the option is only being shown to some European consumers.

Just yesterday the firm Cowen & Co. announced that. according to their survey of U.S. consumers, 27% of Americans get their TV from the streaming giant, which is approximately the same share as YouTube and cable combined. It's remains unconfirmed whether Netflix will implement the plan or not, but they certainly have some wiggle room to do what they want.