BoJack will be missed. In the five years since it’s inception, Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s animated-comedy series has won the hearts of critics and fans alike by tackling issues such as anxiety, depression, politics, loss and much more while also never straying too far from the uproarious humor. The show has pushed boundaries for what a silly animated show can be. Episodes like “Free Churro,” where the entire twenty-six minutes consists only of BoJack delivering a eulogy, demonstrate that these writers are willing to attempt some of the most unique methods of storytelling on the air today. 

The trailer for the upcoming two-part season dropped this week and with it, news that season six will be BoJack Horseman’s last. Even with this trailer, the creators deliver it through a letter written from BoJack to Diane about rehab; it’s another example of their knack for interesting storytelling. The trailer checks in with all of the show’s main characters. BoJack is getting out of rehab; Princess Caroline is struggling with parenting; Diane is still at the same job; Todd seems to be up to the same antics; Mr. Peanutbutter is facing the reality that he may not be as happy as he thinks. 

The first part of season six drops on Netflix on October 25th and part two will be arriving on January 31st.