The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) officially revealed the #PlayersVoice Awards today which included a number of different unique categories including Toughest To Guard, Best Defender, Player You Secretly Wish Was On Your Team, and Best Social Media Follow.

The awards were voted on solely by NBA players and in a collaboration with ACE Media, they put together video packages of fellow NBA stars discussing the winners of each award.

NBPA President, Chris Paul, spoke about the #PlayersVoice Awards and the significance of being honored by your teammates and opponents.

“It’s always nice to be recognized for your accomplishments, but it’s extra special to win an award when you know it’s voted on by your peers,” said Chris Paul, NBPA President and nine-time All-Star. “The Players Voice Awards allow us to celebrate the best performers of the year, and have some fun with the non-traditional categories.”

Check out the full list of winners, as well as some testimonials from those who voted, below.