Just a couple of days ago, players throughout the NBA opted to boycott their playoff games in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake. It was a shocking development although it was certainly an admirable one as players were putting their professions on the line to fight for what's right. Throughout the boycott, the players were able to deliver their demands to the owners. If these demands were not met, well, players would probably be heading home right now. However, the owners decided to do what was right and today, the NBA and NBPA released a statement in which they outlined some of the initiatives that will be taking place.

Perhaps the biggest of these efforts is that all NBA arenas owned by their corresponding teams will be turned into voting locations for the Presidential election that is taking place on November 3rd. This will give more people reason to vote as the large open areas can reduce any potential COVID-19 transmission.

In addition to this, teams and players will be creating coalitions to support social justice issues. They will also be teaming up to create television advertisements that will promote civic engagement and standing up for what you believe in. It is believed that all of these efforts will go towards creating some substantial change, moving forward.