Today, the NBA Playoffs will officially begin and fans couldn't be any more excited about it. There are a lot of storylines to digest throughout these playoffs and it seems pretty clear that the league is about to bless us with some great basketball. Whether your team is in the Eastern or Western Conference, there is a lot to be excited about here and the unknowns that are at play are making this Playoff run one to remember.

On Saturday, there will be four matchups followed by the next four on Sunday. From there, Game twos will start on Monday where we will be seeing playoff basketball every single day for at least a month. It's a time to rejoice as basketball fans and even if your team didn't make it to the big show, you'll have plenty of great games to watch. Below, you can find the NBA Playoff schedule for this weekend.

Kyrie Irving

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Bucks vs. Heat – 2 PM EST (ESPN)

Clippers vs. Mavs – 4:30 PM EST (ESPN)

Nets vs. Celtics – 8 PM EST (ABC)

Nuggets vs. Trail Blazers – 10:30 PM EST (ESPN)


76ers vs. Wizards – 1 PM EST (TNT)

Suns vs. Lakers – 3:30 PM EST (ABC)

Knicks vs. Hawks – 7 PM EST (TNT)

Jazz vs. Grizzlies – 9:30 PM EST (TNT)

Lakers & Suns

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