If you watched any part of last night's NCAA Championship game between Gonzaga and UNC, or followed the game at all on social media, you already know that the refs were downright brutal.

The three officials called a total of 44 fouls during the game and the second half didn't have any flow as the whistles were blowing every other trip down the court.

Late in the game, with Gonzaga trailing by a point and 49 seconds on the clock, the refs missed a clear out of bounds call which would've given the ball to the Bulldogs. However, the refs called for a jumpball and the possession arrow was pointing to UNC. They went on to score the game's final five points and secure another National title.

Gonzaga head coach Mark Few spoke about that pivotal no-call late in the game, but refused to place any blame on the officials. Per ESPN,

"No, there wasn't [any talk of reviewing the play]," Few said after the game. "I wish ... and that's probably on me. I had no idea. I just, from my angle, it didn't look like it was a situation where there was an out-of-bounds situation, or else I would have called for a review. So nobody made me aware of it, or I certainly would have within the last minute there or two minutes. So that's tough. It's tough to hear. But, you know, that's just the way it goes."

Naturally, the rest of the world had plenty to say about the way things played out.

Check out how some NBA players and fans around the world reacted to the way the refs officiated last night's NCAA Championship game.