Earlier in the month, news surfaced that Nas and Kelis were having a rift over their child, Knight. In the report, it claimed that Nas was accusing Kelis of preventing him from spending time with their child, Knight. The reports essentially say that Kelis is the one who's preventing Nas and his son from spending time together. Since then, Nas has made it clear that he wanted to take this issue to court to establish a schedule with Kelis. 

TMZ reports that Nas is requesting for the judge's help in his current custody battle. In the report, they say that Nas has described Kelis as "hostile" in court documents. He also claims that he's tried to settle this custody dispute outside of the courtroom but Kelis hasn't been cooperative in the process.

Now, Nas is requesting the judge to allow him to have Knight on the first, third and fifth weekend of every month from the time school ends on Friday to Monday morning. Nas also claims that Kelis has been incredibly strict about the time they spend together. He claims she's decided on when, where and how long Nas and Knight are allowed to spend time together.

Aside from his court battle with his ex, everyone's hoping that 2018 is the year Nas releases a new project. He's been relatively quiet on a music front for the past few years. After Jay-Z and Em dropped this year, hopefully next year is Nas'.