After the success of the "Kneeling Santa" ugly Christmas sweaters for prison reform, Nas announced his brand HSTRY is launching a new collection for Black History Month. Part of the proceeds for the collection will go to the National Black Child Development Institute, which focuses on providing black children with early childhood education, health awareness initiatives, literacy and more. 

The collection features pro-black versions of classic cartoons like Bart Simpson, Charlie Brown, and the Pink Panther with statements like "Black Don't Crack," and the James Brown-anthem "I'm Black and Proud."

Nas states that he used to view Black History Month as a slap in the face to the black community and that he hopes the collection will instill some positivity during these tough times in America. “This collection is about turning things around and instilling positivity. Celebrating being Black in a loud and fun way. Taking a much-needed moment to be proud of the achievements we have made, our colorful culture, black royalty and excellence from the past, present, and future.”

Get a piece of your very own BLK HSTRY, available now exclusively at HSTRY.