In the midst of the holiest week of the year for Christians, an unknown Los Angeles street artist decided to celebrate in a fashion that may be deemed sacrilegious by some. A mural that depicts Kanye West as Jesus on the cross was spotted yesterday in L.A., just a day after Good Friday, the day Jesus was said to be crucified. 

Bearing the words "The New Messiah?", the painting may reference any of the following highlights of West's career: his breakout single, "Jesus Walks," the 2006 Rolling Stone article titled "The Passion of Kanye West" that had him wearing a crown of thorns, or his most recent religious move, naming his last album Yeezus. It's unknown if the mural is a joke or someone's actual belief, but whatever the intention, it will most likely incite rage from devout Christians. 

Click through the gallery to see more angles of the painting, and let us know your personal thoughts on the matter in the comments.

[Via HipHopWired]