Montrezl Harrell shocked Los Angeles basketball fans this past offseason as he opted to leave the Los Angeles Clippers in favor of their rivals, the Lakers. Last season, the Clippers were unable to deliver on the lofty expectations that were placed on them, and it’s clear Harrell wanted the best chance to go out and win a championship. With this in mind, the Lakers were certainly a no-brainer, although it’s still striking to see him don the purple and gold.

Last night, the Lakers played their first preseason game against the Clippers and came away with a 87-81 win. Harrell picked up 13 points and 12 rebounds in the game although he had a few misses that amused his former teammates. In the clips below, you can see Patrick Beverley laugh at Harrell following a shot that hits the backboard. Meanwhile, Kawhi Leonard yelled “Hell Nah” in the midst of a Harrell jumper, which is a moment that went viral.

Regardless of the trolling, Harrell and his Lakers teammates were able to get the last laugh as they kept their momentum from the playoffs going. Of course, Anthony Davis and LeBron James were nowhere to be found in these games, which was to be expected as we will only see them once the season officially begins next week.

For now, the Lakers seem poised to be as strong as ever, and fans should be very excited about what is to come.

Montrezl HarrellKevin C. Cox/Getty Images