This will be Moniece Slaughter's last season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood as the reality star shared that she was bidding the series farewell. Season six of the west coast edition of the VH1 series premieres on August 5, and to promote the show, cast members are sitting down with producers for one-on-one candid interviews. 

We previously reported on Apryl Jones's...interesting...revelations about her relationship with Fizz, and now her castmate-and-sometimes-foe Moniece found herself in the hot seat. From the onset, it was clear that Moniece would rather be anywhere else than completing that interview. There have been rumors that Moniece only remained on the series because of a contractual obligation, so that may be why she seems disconnected and uninterested in reliving her reality television past.

"My romantic journey is clearly non-climatic. I'm still not married," she said flatly when asked about finding love during her time on the show. Moniece also spoke about her LHHH exes: she couldn't give a definitive answer on what her relationship with Rich Dollaz is currently like; she said her relationship with A.D. is "fine"; and she called her relationship with Scrapp "non-existent" and claimed he manipulated her.

When it came to the father of her son, B2K's Fizz, she didn't have many nice things to say about him and referred to him by female pronouns. "Co-parenting with my baby mama sucks," she said. "'Cause he sucks. Well, she sucks," adding, "Anything that I do on this camera is authentic. So, all of my relationships will feel authentic 'cause clearly I was the only one that was ever really in them."

Her last bit of advice: "Don't look for love in Hollywood," Moniece said. "Don't expect love—to find love in Hollywood. Just get yourself a vibrator or something. Porn or...I don't know. Join or Black People Meet or some sh*t. I don't know, but Hollywood is not it."