MMA Fighter Sprays His Opponent In The Face With A Bottle Of His Urine

Kyle Rooney
June 27, 2016 13:53

Straight savage.

The word "savage" gets tossed around pretty casually nowadays but what MMA fighter Kiko Matos did to his opponent, Baron Geisler, is the most sadistic form of savagery that we've seen during a weigh-in, or in any realm of life for that matter.

While the two fighters squared up at their weigh-in, one of Kiko's boys supplied him with a spray bottle filled with urine which he used to squirt Geisler and his team while saying, "Baron, drink my piss." 

Geisler responded by telling Kiko that he was going to make him his bitch. 

This stems from an incident at a previous press conference when Baron kissed Kiko once the two were in close proximity.

When asked about the incident, Kiko said, "It’s like this, you have to be first. You might get beaten to it. I just beat him to it. He got to me first with the kiss, right? So whatever he does, at least I was able to think of an idea."

You kiss me during our press conference, turn the page, I'm spraying you with a bottle of my own piss. Thems the rules, Baron. 

It's worth noting, these two lunatics are only fighting because they were video taped brawling in a bar and when the tape went viral URCC founder, Alvin Aguilar, set up an MMA exhibition fight between them which took place in the Philippines over the weekend. 

The fight ended in a draw.


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SPORTS MMA Fighter Sprays His Opponent In The Face With A Bottle Of His Urine